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A fun little swing tune I wrote in my younger days on my Vancouver Island home.

Players:  Rick Garvin - vocals, guitars, bass

               Wendell Ferguson - guitar

               Andrew Deppisch - drums



When Iím Swimming in the Sea           ©1979  Rick Garvin


1. When Iím swimming in the sea, With the summer sun a-shining all around me

Thereís a feeling in the air,   of floating without a care.


2. Way out in a local bay,  Itís the perfect place to lay out and soak up the day

The life is very free,   and easy as it can be.



        I feel the salty water in my eyes,  My skin will sure be crusty when it dries

        It feels so good beneath the sunny sky,  Thereís no place Iíd rather be


        Than swimming in the open sea,  Itís my favourite enjoyment, as you can all tell

        And it doesnít cost a cent,   and thatís the best part of all.


4. The salty air will make you smile,  as we sail out to a spot then its anchors away

Our clothes fall in a pile and we jump into the bay


5. Underwater feeling high,  I can talk to all the fishes a-traveling by

Or maybe just look around,  and see what catches my eye.


Bridge 2

I might pretend that Iím a jellyfish,  Or turn imagination where I wish

I wouldnít trade a million bucks for this, Well maybe I would


And later when weíre in the boat, we can catch a couple fish for a heavenly snack

The perfect memory, until the next time weíre back.


Instrumental Bridge, then repeat bridge 1