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A fun swing tune I wrote on request for my youngest son, who was feeling a bit left out because other family members had songs written for them.

Players:  Rick Garvin - vocals, guitars, bass

               Wendell Ferguson - guitar

               Andrew Deppisch - drums

               Alexia Melnychuk - vocals



Please Please Please (Donít Grow Up)     ©2008 Rick Garvin


1.    when you were first born, we were all so proud

a tiny little thing, but you could yell out so loud

Every thing you did was a miracle it seemed,

and lately Iíve been wishing we could have those days again

please please please please, donít grow up


2.    then you were a child going off to school

we were so worried about what you might get into

All those nasty kids leading you astray

I was amazed when things turned out Ok

please please please please, donít grow up




Well, it must have been your motherís love that guided you so good

When it seemed like there was no way to protect you from the world

thereís challenges ahead but I know youíve got the mind

just remember what your mother taught you, things will work out fine.



3.    Now youíre almost grown, so hereís a word or two

I hope you chase your dream, wherever that may take you

life is way too short to worry about mistakes

so have some fun and help to make this world a better place

please please please please, donít grow up

please please please please, stay out of trouble

please please please please, donít get arrested

please please please please, how about a phone call?

please please please please, donít grow up