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This was a fun tune from way back when ....

Players:  Rick Garvin - vocals, guitars, bass

               Wendell Ferguson - guitar

               Andrew Deppisch - drums

               Bob Husband - piano


The Degenerate Song            © 1975 Rick Garvin


Oh, degenerates live among us today, 

It’s the number one national problem in the USA

Well, bolt all your windows and lock up your kids  and

pray that they never get a single wish

Cause degenerates live among us today     



1.    Well, I was out driving late last night  

when a bunch of young hoodlums shone a flashlight

So I stopped the car to see what they had to say.

They put soap on my windows and sugar in my gas 

and if that weren’t enough, then they kicked me in the rear

Oh degenerates live among us today.


2.    Well, I was out walking out in the dark     

Late one night down in central park

Just listening to the birds, and taking some time to pray

Well there in the gloom a fella jumped out

and he flashed his raincoat and let out with a shout

And then he was gone, before I could even say


3.    So, parents of today’s American youth  

prepare to hear the gospel truth and

think about your kids when they’re out to play

We can stop ‘ em smoking, and stop ‘em sniffing

and get ‘em all high on beer and preaching

and shoot ‘em only if there’s no other way.