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A true story from some time ago ...

Players:  Rick Garvin - vocals, guitars, bass

               Wendell Ferguson - guitar

               Andrew Deppisch - drums



You Sure Had Fun Last Night        © 2002 Rick Garvin


Lately, baby we've been losing touch

I've been out on the road, youíve been working too much

We've been spending too much time apart.


So we both thought it was a great idea

To head downtown and let the good times roll

 And baby, you sure took that plan to heart.



You sure had fun last night, you danced with every guy in sight

Now you look so cute, lying in bed   With a cold wet cloth upon your head

Now you donít feel so good, after drinking way more than you should

You might regret it in the morning light  But you sure had fun last night



2.     Well, I had thought a romantic lunch

With flowers in the sun would be a nice touch

But all you want is a cracker and some bread.


I still think it was a wonderful plan

To see some friends and re-connect again

But next time, maybe quit while you're ahead.




Instrumental Verse


Chorus   (2nd  line is:   You were howling in the pale moonlight

               6th line is:  After drinking everything that you could)