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The loneliness of separation is hard to bear, after long years of love. This songs was written for a man wanting and waiting to be reunited in the afterlife.

Players:  Rick Garvin - vocals, guitars, bass

               Wendell Ferguson - guitar

               Alexia Melnychuk - vocals

               Brad Hardstaff - tubanos


            I Dreamed of you Again           ©2006 Rick Garvin


             I dreamed of you again, you were here with me again

            With your hand in mine, an old familiar time.


            I thought I heard you call, but there was no one there at all,

            In the night, I whisper your name, but only thoughts remain.


            Soon Iíll be with you, no longer alone.


            I thought of you today, I remember every day

            Of those years left behind, they're playing in my mind.


            I practice what Iíll do, when next I meet with you

            Counting down the days, youíre not so far away.


            Soon Iíll be with you, no longer alone.


            I dreamed of you again.