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A long time ago, I met a woman who inspired this song. Although I was wrong in the last verse and it didn't work out between us, she is still a friend many years later.

Players:  Rick Garvin - vocals, all instruments


Satisfied                         © 1981 Rick Garvin

1. Well, we go out dancing and you're fending them off

You're a lady who knows her lies.

You're so young but you've had lots of fun

You got them great big bedroom eyes.

Love 'em in the evening, leave 'em in the morning

You've been knocking them off like flies

But no one ever seems to keep you satisfied.


2. All of your men got these great big flaws

Though some take a while to find.

And if you look real close you can see that most

Of them are hatched inside your mind.

You say you want a lover you can hang on to

But I doubt if there's a man alive

Could ever hope to keep you satisfied.


3. You tell me you're afraid of my line

But it's getting kind of plain to see.

You could say goodbye to those other guys

But there's nothing you can say to me.

It donít matter if you run or you try to deny

Cause we both knew it all the time

That I'm the man you need to keep you satisfied.