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I love playing music festivals. The friendly atmosphere, the musicians and the crowds are inspirational. This song came about while I was playing at the old Comox Valley Renaissance Faire on Vancouver Island, a wonderful festival of music and crafts. I realized then that life is available to be chosen every day, and the only thing that makes a person continue with a way of life that they don't like is their false belief that they can't do anything about it. I believed then, and still believe, that one can choose their life, in spite of the disasters that almost everyone suffers during a lifetime. The sax duet on the instrumental break is my favourite passage on the whole CD, and captures the mellow feeling that I was trying to achieve with this song.

Players:  Rick Garvin - vocals, guitars, bass, saxophones, flute

               Brad Hardstaff - drums

               Jan Chrzanowski - background vocals


Sail Away                     © 1981 Rick Garvin


1.    When you're out on the ocean, in the sparkle of the sun

And the boat is dancing high within a dream.

You could hold it there forever, you could change it with a glance

 Or the beauty there could be the way it seems.


Sail away,  the way you want.

Sail away,  the way you want.


2.    There's time for new beginnings, the sun rises every day

And it's only you who thinks they're all the same

You donít need to have a reason, all you have to do is choose

To step outside your world and look again



 And if you're only there a moment, still it's long enough to see

That the world that you believe in holds you in

There's nothing that you can't do and there's no one you can't be

When you're partners with the sunshine and the wind.



3.    So I'm sailing in the sawdust in the hot sun of July

And there's music here to keep us from the heat

I can see the ladies dancing, they are calling to us all

To share with them the joy of being free.