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This song is a fantasy. Since then, however, I have met the woman that I would have been writing about, if I had been writing about anyone.

Players:  Rick Garvin - vocals, guitars, bass

               Brad Hardstaff - drums


I Could Not Take My Eyes Off You           1993 Rick Garvin

1. It was a night unlike any other, a night of dreams of you and I

It was a scene I'll always remember, standing there frozen in time.



I could not take my eyes off you, a vision haunts me tonight

I could not take my eyes off you, standing in the moonlight.


2. I knew it was true the moment I saw you, only one life, only one love

And as I was thinking how to meet you, you looked my way, and took my heart.


3. When the smoke had cleared my vision had faded, you were gone in the night

Now each day I am here, hopefully waiting, for you to return, and to be mine.