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Originally, this song was a finger exercise for the guitar that I used to play to keep warmed up. When we were gigging for a couple of weeks in Merrit BC with my former band, the Real Live Dance Band, I added the words and the bridge part just for fun. I recorded this version of the song with Stone Whistle, in 1995, and it also appears on the Stone Whistle CD "Salamanders".

Players:  Rick Garvin - vocals, lead guitar

               Rob Castle - keyboard, oinks

               Patty Castle - flute

               Mark Rowsome - bass

               Mark Nichol - added guitar

               Jason Deatherage - drums

Little Piggies             1982 Rick Garvin

1. I see the piggies swimming in the sea

From way up here they look like you and me

The beach and bathing suits are quite a sight

It's piggy heaven on a Friday night.



Little little piggy piggy little little piggy piggy

Grumble grumble grumble grumble

when will you be satisfied?


2. The broiled cuties lying on the beach

A drink and sun tan oil in easy reach

They dream about a future piggy date

A handsome hog to be the perfect mate.



Lying in the sun, soaking up a tan

Waiting for my hun, impress me if you can

You'll never make the grade, without the latest shades

She won't even talk to you.


3. They talk of stock and raising market share

the price of beef and ladies underwear

And when they party on to Bobby's house

They leave their garbage there for someone else.