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I wrote this song when I was away from home working in rural British Columbia for most of a year. Events resulted in this cheery tune with a bitter message.

Players:  Rick Garvin - vocals, guitars, bass

               Brad Hardstaff - drums


Forever Yours                     ©1993 Rick Garvin


1. When we first met, I thought you were my honey

Your loving arms kept me from the cold

But lately since you used up all my money

You never want to see me anymore.



Well, I call you on the telephone

but you donít hear 'cause you're not home

Leave a message at the beep

But you never ever get back to me.



2.You told me we would be in love forever

A handsome couple when we're old and gray

But now it seems that you've found someone better

Another fool with lots more cash than brains.



3.Baby why I loved you is a mystery

But I'm better off now than I was before

From now on you're a part of my past history

And I'm never gonna open up that door.



Chorus (last):

Well, you can call me on the telephone

But I won't hear 'cause I'm not home

You can leave a message at the beep

But you'll never ever hear back from me, no

You'll never ever hear back from me, no

You'll never ever hear back from me.