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The media and our society were so smug and self-satisfied in the early nineties that I reacted with this song. Our puny few thousand years of civilization can hardly compare with the 350 million years of history ruled by other species, yet we continue to arrogantly think of ourselves as the kings of the earth. If humanity refuses to deal with the threats to our survival that we have created, war, pollution, and overpopulation to name but a few, in a few thousand more years we may simply be another unnoticed failed experiment in evolution.

Players:  Rick Garvin - vocals, all instruments except:

               Brad Hardstaff - Tubano hand drum

Evolution             ©1994 Rick Garvin



E - vo  lu -  tion        (It made us strong)

E - vo  lu -  tion        (We think we are the crown of)

E - vo  lu -  tion        (But given time)

E - vo  lu -  tion        (May prove us wrong)


1.  We've written down five thousand years.

Building up this thin veneer.

But long before the  human   race

This  world was quite a different place.


2.  We kill the land and we kill the sea.

Kill everything but you and me.

Crowd together till we go insane.

Then we find someone else to blame.


3.  A million species come and gone.

But more survive and more are born.

We donít need to change the world.

We only need to change ourselves.