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This song came from a general malaise in society in the early eighties. The selfishness, uncertainty and fear made me think that our society was in its last phase before an upheaval. I wrote this song to remind myself that some values in life go beyond the next meal and the quick buck. Recent world events only seem to underscore the relevance of the lyrics.

Players:  Rick Garvin - vocals, all instruments except:

               Jan Chrzanowski - background vocals

               Brad Hardstaff - percussion, hi hat, cymbals


Even So                         1982 Rick Garvin


1. Storm is closer all the time, I can see the darkness drawing near.

People fighting to survive, Uncertainty surrounds us all with fear.



But even so, even now, even more we need to love.

Even so, even now, even more we need to love.


2. Conflict raging everywhere, Hunger and poverty in our own land

Politicians running scared, Knowing our fate is now in other hands


3. Civilization running down, Now is the time to see some changes made.

Instead of clinging to old ground, Now there are new foundations to be laid.