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 Recording at the Underground Recording Studio


Last updated March 19, 2019. 


 Welcome to my web site for acoustic folk/swing/reggae/country-blues-and-grass music. We call it "acoustic-roots swing-grass" music. 


The Underground Recording Studio:  As of summer 2017, we have returned to our roots in Edmonton, Alberta, permanently!  I have built a new studio in a very quiet and spacious basement, which is now called the "Underground Recording Studio". If you are interested in recording, contact me and check out the "Underground Studio" link below. I charge $25/hr for all services, making it affordable for anyone who wants to record their music in a quality studio.


Check out Youtube video here: , a song I wrote for the Alberta Heritage project in 2013 about the collection of buffalo bones in the late 1800s in Alberta and all across the west. I was able to combine my wife's family history with mine (or more accurately, our great grandparents) as they (separately of course) homesteaded in the west.


If this website looks weird on your phone, make sure to uncheck "auto-fill websites" on your phone browser settings. Counter-intuitive I know, but then it should display properly.


hey! Want to record your music for a demo or upload? I am looking for musicians to record, and I have an excellent sounding studio, good for both vocals and instruments. Check out the "Underground Studio" link.


Want to licence my songs or get instrumental versions of most of my songs? Please see the "Song Licencing" page for details.


For information about CDs, click on the picture of the one you want:


               "the Family of Man"  (2009)                     "Evolution" (2007)                 want to record at the Underground Studio?


Highway of Tears: Check out my song "Highway of Tears", on the Highway of Tears website at .